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Since opening in October 2018, the Oadby House showroom has been particularly popular for our natural wooden flooring provided by Michael John Flooring. Wood flooring continues to be a firm favourite in British households, with its timeless appeal and incredibly durable nature. Ethically sourced wood is also very good for the environment; any trees that are logged to produce flooring are replaced with new trees.

Oak is the most popular choice for flooring as it is readily available and hard wearing. It can come in either its natural colour, or it can be coloured

in a huge range of shades. If you are looking for a more contemporary style, then grey is the ‘must have’ colour at the moment. Every piece of wood is individual, so the knot and sapwood marks will give every floor a unique look. Natural wood flooring will improve with age and develop characteristics in the same way as a piece of furniture. This cannot be achieved with laminate or other types of flooring.

Michael John places a huge emphasis on selecting the highest quality products from the very best manufacturers. At the moment, we are delighted to stock the fantastic Woodpecker flooring collection. The family-run business has a heritage in the timber industry that spans three generations and is one of the most prominent wood flooring suppliers in the industry. Stop by and take a look for yourself next time you’re in Oadby.

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