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Many look to redecorate at the beginning of the year and, as we specialise in kitchens, we’re sharing some tips on how to update the heart of your home.

If you’re feeling the struggle after Christmas, or if you’ve had a new kitchen fitted in recent years, you might wish to freshen it up for a new look. Here’s what we suggest:

◆ Repaint walls, changing them from warm to cool colours for the most up to date look. Matte or satin finish paints are becoming increasingly fashionable.
◆ Add appliances such as a wine fridge or a boiling water tap for a practical, luxury extra.
◆ Change cupboard door handles from wood to pewter for a modern charm.

Or, if you’re in need of a refurbishment, here are some styles and products that are proving popular:

◆ Make the most of every inch of space with handle-less kitchen fittings that also give a stylish, spick and span finish.
◆ White quartz worktops allow the light to bounce, making for a bright, fresh room to cook and socialise in.
◆ Ask your designer if it’s possible for a wall to be partially removed to create an open plan sociable area.

But always remember: choose what you like, not what you think you should like. Living with a trend that’s not you is never a good choice!

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